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Pharmaceutical and Drug Manufacturing

Ecolab Life Sciences provides pharmaceutical manufacturing customers with an unmatched combination of comprehensive cleaning and disinfection programs for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our team of global experts works with our customers to continuously reduce the cleaning time of their pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, optimizing  throughput of their operations and mitigating risk.


Ecolab Alkaline Cleaner
COSA™ Alkaline Cleaners
COSA™ alkaline cleaners are specifically designed to remove typical residues found in the pharmaceutical industry such as oils, fats, proteins and other organic materials.
Ecolab CIP/COP Cleaner
COSA™ Acid Cleaners

COSA™ acid cleaners are designed to remove acid soluble residues, such as minerals and hard water scale.

Ecolab CIP/COP Cleaner
COSA™ Additives and Boosters

COSA™ additives and boosters are highly concentrated agents designed to boost the performance of other cleaning solutions, giving an extra edge when cleaning specific soil targets.

Ecolab CIP/COP Cleaner
COSA™ Manual Cleaners

COSA™ manual cleaners are designed to generate stable foam without the aid of an additive. 

Ecolab CIP/COP Cleaner
COSA™ Sanitizers and Disinfectants

COSA™ sanitizers and disinfectants help combat microbes and are designed to achieve specified levels of reduction.

Expertise in Pharmaceutical Cleaning and Validation

The importance of cleaning validation in pharmaceutical manufacturing is critical to assuring effectiveness of equipment cleaning and ultimately to assure the safety and integrity of API and finished pharmaceutical product.

Our team understands the evolving regulatory environment and have the tools to ensure compliance with cGMP to assure product safety and quality and to help implement validations that meet regulatory expectations.

Ecolab CIP Optimization Services
Learn How Ecolab Can Work With You to Optimize Your CIP Systems  
Working with Ecolab experts can help get optimization right the first time. As part of our facility audit we can help uncover new value to reduce cleaning time and increase cost effectiveness.
Ecolab Life Sciences Experts
Technical Expertise From Industry Experts

Ecolab’s Life Sciences experts are passionate about patient safety, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. We provide manufacturers a partnership and confidence through achievable cleaning and disinfection programs.