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Human Capital Development

We believe the success of our employees and the success of our company go hand-in-hand. Ecolab’s ability to attract and retain the world’s most capable talent, while deepening our relationship with existing employees, is critical to managing our operations efficiently and effectively and delivering innovative solutions to customers. We invest in professional training and development, help our employees create personal plans to achieve their career goals and conduct regular employee engagement surveys.

Learning and Development

Knowledge and expertise are core to what we do. We believe that it’s essential to provide associates with continuous learning and development opportunities.

In 2023, we delivered our annual Ecolab Development Season to provide practice-oriented workshops to upgrade employee skills and advance career development. The 2023 Development Season offered the opportunity for all Ecolab associates to participate in six different development tracks and a catalog of over 18,000 courses. This approach resulted in a 63% increase in participation from 2022, with over 10,000 associates completing a course and enrolling in accountability group sessions.

We also delivered a successful pilot and launch of LinkedIn Learning and have had over 80,000 course enrollments and 50,000 course completions in 2023. The business impact of this program is measured through indicators within the annual employee engagement survey.

In addition, Ecolab has a vibrant community of employee resource groups (ERGs) that connect engaged, emerging leaders with professional and personal development opportunities. Our 11 employee-driven ERGs have grown to 8,400+ members and 80+ chapters globally.

In 2022, we launched the Global Sustainability Network, an employee-led community group that works to accelerate Ecolab’s growth and impact through education, communication and collaboration on environmental sustainability issues. With more than 550 founding members, the group has grown to more than 1,600 associates with representation from more than 84 countries. The network is implementing its strategic plan, focusing on three pillars: 1) Providing education on sustainability topics; 2) Enriching a strong sustainability culture; and 3) Collaborating across boundaries.

Employee Engagement

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We know that we grow our business when we grow our talent, and strong employee engagement is critical for team and company growth. Ecolab continuously monitors the health of our talent and works to build an engaged workforce through ongoing listening initiatives.

In addition to all-employee global surveys, we conduct periodic check-in surveys with targeted teams to allow us to gather insights into the experience and needs of our workforce. Our annual enterprise-wide employee engagement survey was held in April 2023. In 2023, our engagement, retention and inclusion scores all increased from 2022. 


2023 Employee Engagement Survey Results:


Participation rate for our 48,000 associates.


Engagement score, a measure of an associate’s emotional commitment to our organization and goals — 1% higher than 2022.


Retention rate, or how likely our associates are to build a long career with Ecolab.


Inclusion index, which rose 4% since 2022, showing in part how our diversity, equity and inclusion work is impacting employees and helping them feel valued and fully seen. 


Of our associates feel Ecolab’s mission is meaningful to them.


Of our associates feel included as part of a team among their co-workers.

Leadership Development Programs

At Ecolab we know that strong managers play an important role in helping associates perform well and grow in their careers. That’s why we remain committed to providing robust development experiences for managers that build the skills and capabilities needed to successfully lead teams to deliver critical business results. These include Manager Essentials, Leader Coach, Growth Leader and several functional rotational programs.

Performance Planning and Development

Ecolab’s global Performance Planning and Development process provides employees and their managers with the practices and tools they need to optimize performance. In addition to the annual performance review process, managers are encouraged to provide open feedback and coaching throughout the year to support employees in achieving their goals.

Annual performance reviews for 2023 were completed in 2024 and consisted of three sections:

  • Past-year results summary
  • Performance objectives for the new year
  • Coaching and development goals

Learn More About Our ERGs:

The mission of the Asian Community at Ecolab (ACE) is to strengthen the company’s business by fostering active engagement among Asian affiliated associates, the company, our customers and the community. This is accomplished through professional development, cultural linkage, diverse talent recruitment and retention, and customer and community engagement.

ACE aims to:

  • Strengthen cultural linkage among Ecolab Asian affiliated employees and its global work force
  • Improve talent recruitment and retention of Asian affiliated employees to increase Ecolab diversity
  • Provide opportunities for professional development of Ecolab Asian affiliated employees
  • Encourage customer and community engagement for ACE members

BRIDGES is focused on generational understanding, advocacy and leadership of high-performing teams across generations of Ecolab associates, business partners and community partners. Its mission is to promote generational understanding as it relates to work and management style, rewards/recognition, workplace etiquette, communication style, development needs, recruiting and retention and knowledge transfer.

BRIDGES’s objectives are to:

  • Improve team building and communication skills across generations
  • Promote knowledge transfer from one generation to the next
  • Provide networking, development and informal mentoring opportunities
  • Support Ecolab’s growth and strategic plan
  • Complement and foster Ecolab’s engagement culture and inclusion initiatives 

CONNECT brings together young professionals across business units and functions through networking, career development events and community service projects. CONNECT reaches out to new hires with the goal of easing the transition into Ecolab and helping lay the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career.

CONNECT’s goals are to:

  • Build a strong young professionals network through social events and community service activities
  • Provide opportunities for new employees to establish a network outside of their core work group at Ecolab
  • Host professional development events on topics relevant to individuals early in their careers

Disability Ability Wellbeing Network (DAWN) supports Ecolab’s growth by creating an inclusive culture for the advancement of associates with differing abilities and in care-taking roles, thereby improving the communities in which we work and live.

DAWN aims to:

  • Foster an inclusive environment at Ecolab for all associates of various abilities and their caretakers 
  • Raise awareness and educate colleagues about disabilities, available resources and opportunities 
  • Shift mindsets to recognize the deep value of various abilities
  • Support talent attraction, retention and engagement at Ecolab

E3 is a global Ecolab leadership development network that serves to foster a community that supports the company’s recruitment, development and retention of female talent. The women and men active in E3 help create a positive climate for change and advocate for an inclusive culture for all Ecolab employees. E3’s mission is to empower, engage and energize the company to measurably accelerate the advancement of women leaders to help drive business growth. Membership benefits include leadership opportunities, formal mentoring, networking and professional development.

EcoEssence provides thought leadership on issues that are important to all associates, but specifically those of African and African American descent. This group of progressive leaders is committed to enhancing Ecolab’s world class organizational status by positively influencing the recruitment, development and retention of African and African American associates

EcoEssence aims to:

  • Serve as the company’s subject matter experts and go-to resource on matters related to culture, inclusion and other areas of value for associates of African descent
  • Partner with corporate HR on African American recruiting, placement and retention efforts
  • Serve as a resource for African American associates regarding career and leadership development at Ecolab
  • Establish an Ecolab presence in local communities by engaging local organizations through volunteering activities

EcoMondo provides an inclusive international business and social network open to Ecolab associates with international interests. Its mission is to support Ecolab’s growth through the integration and development of global talent and the promotion of cultural diversity and global talent mobility.

EcoMondo enhances associate global capabilities through:

  • Educational sessions led by global Ecolab leaders
  • Foreign language education
  • Social and professional networking events with a global focus
  • Sharing work experiences with associates throughout the world

In addition, EcoMondo partners with internationally focused external organizations that provide additional education and networking opportunities for our members. 

Hispanics & Advocates Collaborating at Ecolab for Results (HACER) provides advocacy and leadership to encourage the growth and development of all Ecolab associates and business partners, particularly those of Hispanic/Latino descent. HACER supports Ecolab’s business growth, particularly within the Hispanic/Latino segment.

HACER’s goals are to:

  • Envision and create meaningful alliances with customers, external Hispanic/Latino Employee Networks and community-based organizations on behalf of Ecolab
  • Empower our associates to participate in committees that focus on a variety of potential personal interests, such as, communications, community relations, membership recruitment, event planning, or program development
  • Enhance Ecolab’s brand and commitment to local Hispanic/Latino communities while being energized through volunteer opportunities
  • Execute Ecolab’s ability to attract, engage, and develop a diverse and dynamic talent base
  • Embody inclusion across Ecolab

The mission of the Military Employee Resource Group at Ecolab (MERGE) is to provide awareness, support and leadership within Ecolab for veterans, those currently serving, those impacted by military service and supporters. MERGE’s purpose is to foster a military-friendly sense of community and appreciation within Ecolab and our local communities.

MERGE aims to:

  • Create a sense of internal community through service, social and recognition events
  • Serve as a resource for active service members and veterans on related Ecolab policies and deployment support
  • Extend the scope and presence of MERGE beyond major office locations
  • Support Ecolab’s ability to attract, engage and develop military talent through support of recruitment efforts, professional development and mentorship activities
  • Promote Ecolab in business and local communities as a military-friendly organization

PLAN is a group of administrative support professionals within Ecolab, whose mission is to connect administrative and support professionals with quality learning and experiential opportunities to develop the tools, skills and relationships needed to PLAN and succeed.

Programs and resources for PLAN members include:

  • Professional development and technical training programs which target the specialized needs of members
  • Critical tools, resources and a forum for sharing best practices
  • Internal and external networking events
  • Professional recognition programs and events 

PRIDE is an organization for Ecolab associates who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or allies of the LGBTQ+ community. Its mission is to offer support and visibility within and beyond Ecolab and provide an official point of contact between its members and Ecolab, including external LGBTQ+ organizations.

PRIDE’s goals are to:

  • Provide a support network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people at Ecolab
  • Promote Ecolab in the business and local communities as a diverse and inclusive organization attracting associates and driving brand association
  • Serve as a liaison between the PRIDE membership and Ecolab and other organizations outside of Ecolab
  • Develop a sense of community for LGBTQ+ and allied associates at Ecolab
  • Provide a visible presence within Ecolab, and act as an advocate for inclusion within appropriate channels at Ecolab
  • Serve as a source of information for and about the LGBTQ+ community within Ecolab
  • Have fun and foster a sense of pride in Ecolab