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heat exchanger monitoring

Nalco Champion HEAT

Maintaining good water quality is essential to maximize heat exchanger reliability. However, it is the design and operating stresses of the heat exchanger itself, which are most often the root cause of heat transfer and tube failure issues. To ensure that we properly manage, not only the water, but the entire system; Nalco Champion offers a comprehensive, digitally enabled heat exchanger monitoring program to help prevent premature heat exchanger failure, minimize downtime, and better plan for turnarounds. 

Increase your plant's reliability and profitability with the Nalco Champion HEAT program


  • Field Service: The Nalco Champion HEAT program is a proven audit process provided by our heat exchanger audit team. The process begins with a survey of the entire cooling water system, and is translated into a complete engineering drawing. From there we collect design and operating data, which can impact exchanger reliability, and enter it into the heat exchanger database. 
  • Analyses and Audit Results: The analyses and reporting are done through our web-based application, allowing us to rapidly assess an entire system using intuitive dashboards to characterize mechanical, thermal, and hydraulic factors which correlate to known reliability issues. Furthermore, it lets us properly design system-specific water treatment programs by quickly accessing metallurgy and stress data for each system, identify potential issues in the system and more accurately predict maintenance requirements. 
  • Contact: To get Nalco Champion HEAT at your plant, contact your local Sales Representative, or email us at heat@ecolab.com.

Heat customer success story

Nalco Champion HEAT Optimized Maintenance Cost and Improved Reliability for Petrochemical Plant

Nalco Champion heat - heat exchanger monitoring

The Nalco Champion Heat Program is a digitally-enabled, proven heat exchanger audit process that helps prevent premature heat exchanger failure, minimize downtime, and better plan for turnarounds.