UltraFab is the field-proven market leader in compact, modular and custom-engineered H2S mitigation systems. Together with Nalco Champion, we provide safe, turnkey H2S solutions that increase on-spec production and reduce your total cost of operation. UltraFab systems feature automation and process control to eliminate costly chemical over-treatment, improve safety and help meet regulatory specifications. We back our equipment with on-site commissioning and technical support onsite, worldwide.

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UltraFab, A Nalco Champion Company
261088 Wagon Wheel Crescent
Rocky View, AB T4A 0E2 Canada

Want to know more? For additional information, please call +1 403-272-2688 or Email us at ultrafab@nalco.com.

Production H2S removal

Sales Gas

Remove H2S from your gas stream at the well pad to continuously meet sales and pipeline specs. Our automated systems eliminate costly chemical over-treatment and provide peace of mind that you are meeting regulatory specifications. Let our team of experts provide startup support and ongoing onsite service to minimize downtime and increase safety.

Fuel Gas

Our automated, transportable systems remove H2S from your fuel gas stream, enabling onsite heat and power without the fear of H2S emissions or system corrosion. Compact Sugarcube and UNO solutions are easy to move and re-install. Options include fuel gas conditioning, 0 ppm outlet specification and cold-weather packages.

Solutions Gas

Keep your oil production at target rates by efficiently treating your associated gas. Our systems’ automation and process control keep you within regulatory and emissions specifications and allow you to better manage total cost of operations. Solution gas can be recovered to improve profitability.


The small footprints and lightweight design of our H2S removal equipment are ideal for fixed and floating platforms and FPSO. We can custom design our solution to fit existing platforms or complement new facilities.

Processing Facilities

Amine Plant

Increase uptime and safety at your gathering facility, refinery or LNG plant. Our systems provide reliable H2S removal to help you meet sales and pipeline specifications. Our team of safety-focused field experts can provide training and commissioning for your crew to help you minimize risk. Outlet specifications to 0 ppm are possible.

Acid Gas Sweetening Unit (AGSU)

Efficiently treat your acid gas waste stream to meet emissions requirements. Install the AGSU upstream, downstream or parallel (as a back-up). The unit can run part- or full-time depending on your stream. We will apply our extensive H2S experience and safety-first focus to help determine the optimum configuration and minimize risk to your people on the ground.


Remove H2S prior to or after compression to ensure a sweet facility and reduce safety and corrosion risks. Our process can:

  • Replace amine facilities
  • Work alongside or integrally with dehydration facilities
  • Work integrally with all other oilfield processes


Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

Meet emissions requirements in any low-pressure system with our vent gas H2S removal systems, which can be either trailer-mounted or fixed. We also offer custom conditioning systems to meet your specific requirements.

Tank Farms

Our proven, reliable systems safely remove H2S from tank farms, including produced water tanks. Meet your emissions requirements with our cost-effective vent gas scrubber systems.


Truck Loading Station

Safety is always your top priority. Our vent gas systems remove vented H2S from truck loading stations, keeping personnel safe.

Liquids and Specialty

Our extensive application experience means that we can treat any sour stream, including liquids. Examples of our specialty solutions include:

  • NGL treatment
  • Full well stream
  • Power generation
  • Cold weather options